In this post I will be detailing how to make WoW gold from the Remote Auction House. In my almost 2 months of casually using the Remote Auction House App for the iPhone I’ve made over 30,000 gold. And I will go over how I’ve done so in this post.


Over here on the WoW forums. There’s some news of updates comming to WoW. Visit the Forums for the discussion.


Today we look at Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Leveling Guide . Dugi’s claims that you will level from 1-80 solo  the fastest way possible. We’ll see about that.


Today we take a look at Warcraft Reputations: Everything There Is To Know About Reputations. This guide covers how to effectively gain rep with various factions without tedious grinding.


WoW Schools Gold Cap Course

Here’s an interesting wow app. Wow Schools has a Gold Cap Course. This course claims to be able to take you to the gold cap with is currently 214,748 gold. The course has step-by-step easy to follow lesson plans to help you reach that goal. Best of all you have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Read more… »

Cataclysm Preview: Darkshore

WoW has come out with a preview for the new Darkshore in Cataclysm here.

From reading the article there are alot of changes to Darkshore. Primarily Auberdine has been destroyed and the new night elf town is north of the destroyed auberdine.

The quest flow has been improved so there won’t be as much back and forth while questing.

From the sound of it Darkshore will be a pretty cool area to explore. Looks like I might have to play a worgen to find out.

Ahhh Zygor Guide. Here’s a guide that I’ve used before. My best friend turned me on to this and I can say that it makes leveling in the game a breeze.


I saw this today over on they have a spoiler on alliance and horde traitors for the new expansion. Click Here to view.

i2Game Redone

Well after some time of not doing anything significant with the site for some time. I’ve decided to relaunch the site as a MMORPG review site focusing on World of Warcraft.

So as news comes along and I find interesting things to comment on I will post them.

If you’re looking for my Supreme Gladiator Game which I stopped development on. You can find it here.


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